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We build software for Area Agencies on Aging and State Units on Aging.

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About Chocolate Software

Lorem IpsumWe are a small, family-run software consultancy based in Denver Colorado. We specialize in building software that streamlines the operations of the state and regional agencies that implement the Older Americans Act.

Combining expertise in business process improvement, our deep knowledge of the OAA, and our technical talents in software engineering, we build simple, affordable systems tailored to the exact needs of our AAA and SUA clients.

Our development process relies on us getting to know our clients, the nuances of their operations, and their needs for process improvement via software.

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Older Americans Act Software

Our OAA-SYS suite of software (pronounced "Oasis") makes it easier for State Units on Aging and Area Agencies on Aging to unify the selection, contracting and reimbursement of service providers into one integrated system

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Smarter Software

Big data is a bust without the tools to bring it altogether. Combining expertise in deep analytics with custom built applications allows you to see the real story.

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Chocolate Analytics

Lorem Ipsum Chocolate Analytics helps you leverage your data providing you with dashboards, advanced reports, and data warehouses. These tools allow you to access canned reports on a regular basis or create your own reports using pivot tables and data warehouse queries.

We also provide advanced data analysis services, including model estimation for inference and prediction using both supervised and unsupervised methods. Chocolate Software is skilled at data "munging" and VLDB's.

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Lorem Ipsum Chocolate Software designed OAA-SYS to meet the challenges AAA’s face in the bidding, contracting, and payment of local service providers.

OAA-SYS is both customizable and affordable. Chocolate Software partners with you to configure your own version of the system that reflects your business. To see a demo or to access a free trial version, give us a call.


Full Life Cycle

We nurture your project through every stage of the development process, from initial design and architecture through to ongoing management and support.

Older Americans Act Experts

We believe your operations should drive software, not the other way around. Our deep understanding of the regulatory environment in which AAAs and SUAs exist allows us to build software that mirrors your world. We work closely with you to develop software matched to your exact needs.

Analytics and Insight

Business works better with analysis. We augment your software needs with analytical expertise, experience, tools and technologies that allow you to transform mundane data into strategic insight – past, present and future!

Technologically Agnostic

Technology is a means to improve process improvement, not an end in itself. We use industry leading technologies and methods tailored to fit the environment and budget of our clients.


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